WordPress Installation Guide

WordPress is a powerful web software and it is free!. There are tons of awesome websites made use of WordPress. You can install it and change the appearance by using themes or templates. There are so many wordpress designers offer amazing wordpress templates which you can acquire for your wordpress website looks amazing in minutes! If you are interested to have a wordpress website, below you can watch how to install wordpress in minutes!

How to Install WordPress

Step 1
Open your web browser. You can use Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome.

Step 2
Open your web hosting cpanel e.g. www.yourdomain.com/cpanel

Step 3
Login to CPanel using your web hosting account. You should get the detil account information in your account in the first time you bought the web hosting.

Step 4
After you already enter in CPanel, scroll down untill you find “Softaculous App”. Under it, find WordPress icon. Click it and follow the instruction untill the end.

Video: WordPress Installation Guide

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