How to Start a Blog – Complete Guide

How to start a blog for any purpose. Making money, promoting brands or just for fun. Starting a blog guidance is a step by step tutorials on how to create a blog from scratch to complete using WordPress. I will make it as clear as possible so you all can start a blog or put any comment in case you have any question or suggestion.

The Only Things You Need to Start a Blog

In short, to build a blog and start blogging you only need three things:

  1. 1. Domain Name
  2. 2. Web Hosting
  3. 3. Blog Software

Get a Domain Name

Domain name would function as your blog address just like Generally it costs $12 per month but if you buy from Godaddy you have a right to get discounts.

The best domain name for your blog could be your business brand, your name or the topic that will be used on your blog.

Get a Web Hosting

Web hosting is a computer to store your blog. A blog is just like regular Microsoft Word documents on your computer. You need to keep turn on your computer so that other co-workers, friends, family can access your documents. Just like that, it is impossible to keep turn always on your computer lifetime so that people from around the world can access your blog. That is why you need to buy a web hosting. Web hosting service is placed on data center buildings that the server computers would be kept on for life time. Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Amazon place their website on web servers.

To start a blog , generally you only need to spend money $10 – $25 per month. However there are many discounts available up to 90% cut off.

Get a Blog Software

a Blog software is as your Microsoft Word to create a text document. You need to install the blog software on your web hosting server first before you can write a post. We use WordpPress as our blog software because it is powerful and easy blogging software and already used by millions popular blogs. It is free.

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