How to Create a Blog – Complete Guide

create a blog

This page is about a complete guide how to create a blog. There are some thoughts on the blog though. The most popular are self hosted WordPress, hosted, Blogspot/Blogger and many other types. What kind of blog do you want to create? Confuse? Read detail below.

Self Hosted WordPress Blog

Self hosted WordPress blog is a blog that is using WordPress script installed on your web hosting. To create this kind of blog you need to buy a domain name and a web server / webhosting. There are many blog scripts out there but WordPress is the most popular because it is powerful and easy to use.

Hosted is a free blog service which you can create a blog for free without spending a penny. However, you blog will use subdomain such as You can write anything on blog but you don’t have flexibility, you can’t monetize the blog. If you plan to make money by blogging then you need to create self hosted WordPress blog.


Blogspot is a free blog service managed by Google. You can create a blog for free, publish anything on your blog but you don’t have flexibility because the blog is hosted on Google server. You can’t expand the feature because there is a limit to do blog functionality modification. However, you are able to place advertisement in case you want to make money from your blog. The bad thing of Blogspot is if they indicate your blog as spam, in case your blog has some not original content, they will delete it without warning.


If you plan to create a blog to promote your brand or make money from a blog then we recommend you to create self hosted WordPress blog. There are thousands success blog build on self hosted WordPress.

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