Best Video Conference Software 2015


Best video conferencing software 2015 encounters list change compared to last year. Some older video conference software providers improve their technology towards better and there are even some new providers that are pretty impressive to the market.

Currently the situation is very different than a few years ago. Some have changed worse and some have changed better even very impressive. An example is the internet technology. With the drastic increase in the side of good, this technology is able to provide a huge advantage for business continuity in the world without making the distance as an obstacle. Now, a company can hire employees from the other side of the world without having to come to the office and their work could be done.

With the above conditions, a company needs software that can support the needs of their life cycle include video conferencing software for coordination purposes.

Here is a list of best video conference software 2015 that you can make as a guide in deciding which one is best for your company. The following sequence does not describe the ranking of them because each user will require a bit different features. We only provide some of the services that we think they are good.


AccuConference is offered by Arkadin. Their services include web and phone conferencing. They try to provide solution for video conferencing service that is simple, quick and work professionally. The technology used for videoconferencing by Arkadin is claimed to provide a solution for your business both audio and video method.

Onstream Meetings

As the slogan on their web that you can meet virtually anywhere. Onstream Meetings focus on providing web conferencing service that has some features such support in addition to audio and video streaming is a chat and messaging, whiteboard and markup, content library, recording etc.


GoToMeeting by Citrix Systems offers video conference software which can be organized for the attendance of co-workers and is able to show what applications you are running on your PC.


The Excellence that is preferred this service is super-simple audio conference software. With a simple user interface that you will feel an ease in this service even though we do not see a video conferencing feature. However, you can send files, make calls with just a link rather than a password and pin. The ability to call controls.


The service is quite attractive as they offer a high definition business video conference software class that allows you to share any of your desktop. It is suitable for corporate on the quality of work.

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